Better metrics for CL fitting

Researchers at the Indiana School of Optometry in the US have demonstrated that mean corneal curvature is a better metric for predicting sagittal height prior to fitting soft contact lenses.  


Sharing their findings at the 2021 virtual Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS)Dr Joselyn Dlouhy and Associate Professor Jason Jedlicka compared corneal curvatures and corneal diameters of 28 subjects and concluded that horizontal visible iris diameter (HVID) is a less accurate indicator of sagittal height than mean corneal curvature (Km). HVID measurement, however, remains important in dictating the diameter of the lens.  


Around 20% of annual contact lens dropouts are attributed to poorly fitting lenses, said Dlouhy and Jedlicka, who hope that this data will help optometrists provide their patients with better-fitting contact lenses. 


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