Essilor’s myopia lens breakthrough

A two-year clinical trial has demonstrated that Essilor’s Stellest lens slows myopia progression in children by 67%.


In partnership with Wenzhou Medical University, China, the trial established that children wearing the lenses saved 0.99 diopters of myopia degree on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours or more every day. After the first year, eye growth of 90% of children wearing the lenses was similar or slower than non-myopic children and two-thirds of them did not need a prescription change after the first year.


Myopia correction is achieved through a single vision lens that allows sharp far vision and myopia control through Essilor’s highly aspherical lenslet target (HALT) technology – a constellation of aspherical lenslets spread on 11 rings that create a volume of signal in front of the retina and follow its shape, slowing eye elongation.


Grita Loebsack, group chief marketing officer, Essilor International, said, “After its successful release in China in June 2020, then in Russia and Singapore, with extremely positive feedback from parents, children and eyecare practitioners, we look forward to offering this new solution to help children in other countries.”


Essilor will present full results from the study at the annual meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) on 6 May 2021.


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