Stars and their eyes… Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Lisa Barlow

US reality star Lisa Barlow ended up in hospital after a close call with nail glue, which she accidentally used instead of her eye drops.


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star said she mixed up the bottles, which are the same size, after her cleaners mistakenly put the glue where her eye drops normally go. “It was awful,” Barlow told Page Six. “I was on the phone with my girlfriend and I literally went to put my eye drops in and it was the nail glue.”


After being rushed to the emergency room, Barlow was told she had a damaged cornea. “I guess there are four levels of your cornea and it went into level three,” she said. “It scratched up my whole eye and they had to use surgical tweezers to pull out the eyelashes on the corner. I feel good now, it’s just uncomfortable.”


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