LETTER: Parkinson’s case study - The importance of spotting microtremors

The March 2022 case study on Parkinson’s disease by Layal Naji was a timely reminder of this very common disease that affects an increasing number of our clients, sometimes at a surprisingly young age. I would like to add to its clinical pearls by pointing out that as a neurological disease, loss of contrast sensitivity is a very common issue that mainly affects reading ability and can cause a much bigger problem than the size of the print.


As an optometrist specialising in low vision, I frequently encounter patients who have struggled for years, but it is only when ocular issues such glaucoma or macular degeneration are identified that anyone takes any notice. I receive referrals that have very detailed information about ocular pathology but rarely mention general health issues such as Parkinson’s, diabetes or dementia, all of which add to the overall picture of functional distress.


There is more to seeing than meets the eyes!


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