Stars and their eyes… Anthea Turner

British TV personality Anthea Turner, 61, encouraged her fans to get eye injuries checked out immediately, following an accident involving a curtain cord that left her “moments away from going blind”.


“Instantly, there was a dull ache in my eyeball and because I was filming that day, my first thought was to check for visible damage to my face. I was expecting to see it was bloodshot, or some redness but my eye looked totally fine,” she told the Daily Mail. However, several hours later she noticed red spots in her vision, which didn’t improve for two days. Dr Ali Mearza, who had performed laser surgery on her several months earlier, diagnosed a left eye retinal tear requiring surgery.


Luckily, the former Blue Peter and Top of the Pops presenter made a full recovery and was soon back filming the UK version of The Real Dirty Dancing, where guest celebs perform iconic scenes from the film Dirty Dancing.


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